This package is best suited for someone who has multiple goals related to nutrition, health or meal planning and is looking to make significant changes but is finding it difficult. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome or high blood pressure for some time, but are looking for a refresher, this package would be for you!

The Package Includes:

  • One to one support from your own personal Registered Dietitian- Nutritionist
  • One Initial appointment with the Registered Dietitian | Certified Diabetes Educator: In my office or over zoom with your dietitian, where I will review, in detail, your health history questionnaire and gather any other pertinent information that I need to best guide you. I will then guide you on how to make some initial positive changes by setting some realistic goals to work on, offering practical tips and strategies.
  • Four follow up appointments scheduled within 4 months of the initial appointment where you will receive a comprehensive nutrition plan. We will schedule four meetings to review your assessment and discuss your nutrition plan and key strategies for success.  I will help you to understand the science of food, health and medical concerns as well as provide you with the practical knowledge regarding portion sizes, meal timing and balanced meal and snack ideas.
  • If choosing the VIP package you will receive phone or email check-in’s between your appointments. This gives you an opportunity to ask any additional questions that may not have been covered in the previous appointment. It can also help guide the conversation for the next upcoming appointment. This is a great opportunity that if you are struggling, to receive support to ensure the best possible result.
  • Personalized handouts and resources to aid in guiding you in your journey
    • Handouts and resources will differ depending on the reason for your visit.

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Basic: $447

VIP Framework: $647