Introducing the ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter from Anthrodesk! This desk converter gets you from a boring, painful sitting desk to a standing desk in no time. 

I recently had the opportunity to try this product out and I’m so happy I did! As someone who owns a business, and that business being a counselling-based business, I spend 95% of my day sitting.

I try my best to make it to the gym at least 3x/week and move as much as possible throughout my regular day, but some research suggests that even if you are getting the recommended the amount of moderate-vigorous physical activity in your week, sitting for prolonged periods of time is harmful to your overall health.Throughout my clinic days, I remind myself as often as possible to get up and go for a walk around the clinic, take a break and stretch or switch to standing and working but that doesn’t always happen as often as it should. You see, I also do contract work where I write for a few organizations, this leads me into sometimes deep research and writing where I literally don’t leave my office or get up for multiple hours at a time.

This lifestyle is pretty much wreaking havoc on my hips, lower back, shoulders, and neck. I have been known to prop my laptop up onto a bunch of textbooks to make a make-shift standing converter… which has been helpful but is a pain in the butt to organize so it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Then, I was sent the ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter. It makes the whole transition from sitting to standing so simple! Just the press of a button and your up and standing. I also found having the device on my desk made remembering to stand so much easier, I didn’t need to set reminders anymore, just looking at the buttons reminded to stand up and do some work. It also helped me remember to get up and move around, every time I moved my computer into a standing position I made a point to get up and take a lap or two around the clinic and do some stairs to break from my sitting position.

The ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter is produced by a Canadian based company, Anthrodesk. It retails regular price for $399.99 and special price $299.99. It is black with a charcoal table platform and it a width of 27.5″ and depth of 19.5” with a lift capacity of 80 lbs. The height adjustment is smooth and effortless with simple electric controls and a powerful motor hidden in the central column.You can raise or lower the platform to any height you wish and there currently is no maximum height. For reference, I am 5’0 and it works like a charm, but my co-worker is + 6 feet and it still suits his height as well. 

Anthrodesk offers a “Risk Free” 30 day return policy if you are unhappy for any reason with the product. The product quality and packaging was superb, though it was significantly heavier than I was expecting! It was incredibly easy to put together with simple instructions and took minimal time to set up on my desk. As part of my business is contract work and online counselling, I work from home often and thus my main computer is a laptop. This meant that I haven’t had the opportunity to mount a monitor on the stand, but no matter what it has been a game changer.

According to the Sedentary Behaviour and Obesity Expert Working Group in the UK, there is a positive association between sedentary time and markers of metabolic risk in young people. Sedentary behaviour in the adult population is associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality, diabetes, some types of cancer and metabolic dysfunction. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t enough research completed in the adult population to make specific recommendations on specific times or limitations we should set for sitting. Most professionals are currently recommending adults take an active break from sitting every 30 minutes while others simply recommend trying to sit less and stand/move more. This is especially important for those of us who work “desk jobs” and are sitting for 6-8 or more hours a day. Whether it’s getting up and standing while working, or going for a quick walk, the standing desk is now a permanent part of my healthy lifestyle to get me sitting less and moving more!  

Tips to reduce sitting time:

  • stand on the train or bus
  • take the stairs and walk up escalators
  • choose a parking space furthest away
  • set a reminder to get up every 30 minutes
  • place a laptop on a box or books to work standing (or get a sit stand desk converter)
  • stand or walk around while on the phone
  • take a walking break every time you take a coffee or tea break
  • walk to a co-worker’s desk instead of emailing or calling
  • swap some TV time for more active tasks or hobbies

If you’re interested in learning more about Anthrodesk you can check out their website here

They have so many more products available to help you move more and sit less and work towards being the healthiest you!

Nutritiously yours,