It is officially February 21st and there is now only 1 week left to this month. Seriously, where did Feb go?? (not complaining, we are officially one month closer to flip-flops and beaches)

Okaaaay, so this means that weight loss/gym challenges are probably going to be wrapping up soon and that means you’re left on your own. So, what’s next?

Let’s step back a moment and take a look at those resolutions or goals you set for yourself this year? Most likely, there were some slip ups! But you know what, that’s totally okay and totally normal.

I get so many people in to chat about progress and what they have been doing to work towards their goal who are SO down on themselves for enjoying a night out with friends or splurging on chips and dip.

I swear to you, one meal is not going to ruin all your hard work and progress, and if you’re on a program where one meal does…. It’s probably not the program for you! There will always be holidays, birthdays and nights out with friends… you need to find a balance in your lifestyle to eat well and be active AND enjoy your life and be social.

It’s really not about one meal, one day, one week or even one month, it’s about year after year doing your best to live your best life and, in the end… it’s average of what you have been able to accomplish. So, if you’re feeling like its February 21st and you haven’t made much progress to your goal, you have an entire lifetime to continue to work on it (So don’t give up now!).

I know in my New Year, Same Me post I didn’t talk about my own goals for the year, but every year I do like to set some!

Last year my goal was to move home. For those of you who don’t know I lived and worked in Northern Manitoba in Diabetes Education for 3 years. Christmas 2016 was really hard and by far the most challenging vacation to leave and return back north, so I set a goal that in 2017 we would find a way to move home.

Fast forward to May 2017, we were packed and driving across Canada again!

I usually set some sort of lifestyle goal, and this year’s goal is to work out at least 3x/week, participate in more yoga and take 10 minutes daily to slow down and breathe in a self-guided meditation. In my previous job I had a wonderful little routine that allowed me to go to the gym 5 days a week at least and sometimes 6, but owning my own business has really thrown me off my usual and running my business took priority over being active for many months. 3x/week is not a lot, but I thought was pretty attainable and there is always room to do more!

So how have I done? Well, like with food I think tracking activity is important to really measure how you’re doing. Let’s be real, I would never remember if I went 3 x / week a month ago, or last week if I didn’t write it down. So, I got a small day planner that I use only for activity. I started tracking December 27th and have been since.

Week 1: 3 FIT Classes + 1 Gym Workout (run + weights)

Week 2: 1 FIT Class

Week 3: 2 FIT Class

Week 4: 2 FIT Class

Week 5: 3 FIT class

Week6: 3 FIT Class + 1 Hot Yoga

Week 7: 1 FIT Class + 2 Gym Workouts (run + weights)

Week 8: *This week*: 2 FIT Class + 1 Gym Workout (or 3 FIT)

(FIT classes are functional fitness classes that include cardio, muscle strengthening and stretching)

You can see that Week 2, 3 and 4 were a bit of struggle. This was solely based on the fact that I did not schedule my workouts in. Once the gym was scheduled into my planner, it was much easier to make it to class.

I THINK I went to more yoga than that… but I didn’t write it down so who knows. I do know I did some self-practice of yoga and I do my 10 minutes MOST days. I now use the help of an app called “breethe” which is free! Sometimes it’s in the morning, and sometimes it’s in the evening.

Am I perfect? Nope! Did I accomplish my goals over the last 8 weeks? Kinda! Am I totally okay with that and going to continue to work on it? Yup!

Some weeks will be better than others, some months will be better than others, but what’s important to remember is that it’s in the past and all you can do from here is reflect on why and move on. Try to determine what lead to you (eating too much, eating out more, not making it to the gym, not drinking enough water, not taking time for yourself…) and determine what you can do now to prevent that from happening again.

Progress takes reflection, reflection takes time and feeling, and often we don’t want to take the time to feel so reflection doesn’t happen.

My advice: Take 10 minutes a day to reflect. To breathe. To Relax.

Leave a comment on how you’re doing on your 2018 goals!

Nutritiously yours,