New Year, New You; New Year, Same Me

Starting January 1st everybody is all “new year, new me”, people jump on some health halo wagon and start the newest diet in the media, spend a boatload on new gym clothes and go sign up for a 1 year membership. They tell themselves they’re going to go to the gym 5-7 days a week and eat “clean” always!

(What does “clean” even mean?? Is your food dirty?)

Personally, I have no issues with “resolutioners”. I think its great to see new faces in the gym, I’m happy that people are taking their health seriously and working towards moving more and being more active. I encourage you all, if you see someone new in the gym, give them a welcoming smile, if they look confused, maybe help them with some equipment or a movement. Remember, everyone belongs in a gym!

Now, when it comes to “diets” there are the good, the bad and the ugly. If you know me, you know I’m really not a fan of diets, to begin with, so I struggle when people talk about the new “diet” they are going to try. The truth is, “dieting” is hard, especially if it’s a diet that’s a 180 from what you are currently eating. You see, our habits and lifestyle were not developed in one night, we didn’t just magically become who we are today, it took a lot of years and influences, so why do we think that the second the clock strikes 12 that we are going to be completely new people. I mean, new people who can wake up at 4:00am to go to the gym when you’re used to sleeping in till 8:00am or new people who can eat a plant-based diet when we’re used to eating meat as a protein choice, or new people who are used to living a “carboholic lifestyle” and then going keto?

I don’t think people should try new diets, I think people should develop their own diet, one that works best for them, keep them at their healthiest and provides a little flexibility without dire consequences. If you want to go vegetarian, keto, Mediterranean, paleo, etc I applaud you for taking the first step to eating a more healthful lifestyle, if that’s the lifestyle that is optimal for you. I work with clients one on one, gradually over time to help them find their “best diet”. Sometimes, that’s a diet that includes pizza Fridays, Chinese food, lunches out with the girls. It’s the diet that best suits that individual that helps them live their best life, eating their best food and finding their best weight.

This means taking one small step at a time, mastering that step and then moving towards a new one, until we’ve met your goal. For some it’s weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, athletic performance or just general healthy eating and feeling better, but whatever it is… it takes time!

One of my most important messages to all my clients, whether it be January 1st or April 31st it to be gentle and kind to yourself throughout the process. Habits are not formed nor broken in one night, so set small goals along the way and master them, build confidence in yourself to keep going!

This might mean a goal of getting to the gym 1x/week oppose to 5x/week if this is something new to you and gradually increasing as it becomes a habit. It may mean eating breakfast 2x/week if you’ve never eaten breakfast before, or cooking one supper meal from scratch weekly if you’re used to getting take out.

Gradually, as you become more comfortable with early mornings or the gym or cooking, you can increase the frequency of how often you incorporate these healthy lifestyle patterns. The likelihood that you will be able to continue with these lifestyle patterns for the rest of your life is far greater if it’s incorporated gradually, oppose to the “all or nothing” attitude that many of us have.

If your plan is to go to the gym everyday in a week… and you make it to none, how do you feel? If your plan is cook a homecooked meal every night, and end up cooking one, how do you feel?

If you feel like a failure, what’s the likelihood you’re going to continue to try? My goal for you: To set you up for success, so you have the confidence in yourself to keep going!

I am forever your little cheerleader, here to help pick you up when you fall.

Bottom Line:

  • Aim to make one small change to your lifestyle, master it, feel confidence from it and build on it!

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