For those who know me, know I LOVE eggs.

In 1st year university, I was that weird kid that said her favourite food was eggs… and at that time I honestly thought that I would get over it, that I would make myself sick of eggs and hate them. However, it’s about a decade later, and I still love the little guys and eat multiple of them daily.

So, I’m always trying to find new ways to cook them and make them even more convenient! Recently, I discovered how to poach an egg in a mug in the microwave. This has seriously been life changing.

But first, let’s talk about why I love eggs.

  1. They are delicious.
  2. They are cheap
  3. They are quick and easy to cook
  4. They are versatile! (poached, fried, scrambled, sunny side up, sandwiches, wraps, deviled, pickled…)
  5. They are nutritious!
  6. One large (53g) Grade A egg contains 6 g of protein and only 70 calories.
  7. Eggs provide 14 important nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, folate, iron, zinc, and choline.
  8. One large egg also contains 50% of your requirements for Vitamin B12

Okay, enough about why I love eggs. They’re amazing, so you should love them too!

Somedays I work insanely early, like 5:00am early and put in a 12 hour day easy, this usually includes a 6:00am functional fitness class so packing proper nutrition is important. However, I am human and sometimes I suck at the whole planning, packing and being prepared for these type of things. Eggs are my go-to for breakfast because they are quick and easy, I get at least 12g protein when I have two (I always have two.. who eats only one egg??) and they keep me full and satisfied!

Usually, I make a breakfast sandwich, a wrap or hard boil my eggs. However, when I forget or don’t have time in the morning I needed another option. So one morning that happened, and instead of popping by for something fast food I grabbed two eggs, an english muffin, cheese and an avocado.

With only having a microwave, I experimented. I filled a microwavable mug about half way and cracked an egg in it with a little salt. I microwaved for about 1 1/2 minutes and then removed with a spoon and out came a perfect little poached egg!

I paired with an english muffin, old cheddar cheese and pepper. I was super sad, as I packed an avocado and totally forgot about it…

As microwaves differ greatly, I recommend starting off by microwaving for 1 minute and adding time as needed. I have also added two eggs to the mug and both came out perfectly!

How do you enjoy your eggs?

Nutritiously yours,