With December here and new years resolutions right around the corner, I wanted to share with you my number one tip I share with clients!

You probably hear a lot of people talk about meal prep and see #mealprep on every insta post and how this is the only way people can stay healthy and fit. People spread messages that if you don’t meal prep, you’re bound for failure. Well, I personally don’t think it’s the only way to be healthy!

I personally don’t meal prep, I don’t spend my Sundays making a list of all the meals I’m going to cook on what days, I don’t then spend hours at the grocery stores getting everything I need and then the rest of my night cooking it all, separating it all and labeling. Personally, my Sundays are reserved for long drives, hot coffee, and a movie. Is it not meant to be the day of rest?!

Now, I’m not saying meal plans and meal prep don’t work, they most certainly do! But I know that meal plans and meal prep just don’t work for a lot of people. For those of you killin’ meal prep Sundays, good for you! For those who struggle and have no interest… read on.

Okay, so if we’re not cooking for what seems like days on the weekend, what can we do to stay on track and stay away from the drive thru?

First things first: Plan for leftovers.

If you have a microwave available to you at work, leftovers are the easiest lunch I can think of! On Sundays, I do try to cook a roast of some sort so the leftover meat can be used for a variety of dishes like sandwich filling, a salad topper, a casserole stuffer or paired with the remaining leftover potatoes and veg.

Second: have a well stocked fridge.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your fridge needs to be stocked to the brim daily, but it needs to be smartly stocked with easily accessible foods for those days you don’t have leftovers or a lunch packed!

Fridge / Cupboard Necessities:

  • Eggs
  • Egg whites
  • Cheese
  • Apples
  • Banana
  • Carrot / parsnip sticks
  • Bread
  • Crackers
  • Mini cans of flavoured tuna
  • Individual Applesauce
  • Individual Greek yogurt
  • Individual plain oatmeal
  • Granola Bar
  • Trail Mix
  • Can of chickpeas

Eggs are a huge staple in our house, whether it be eggs benny on Sunday morning or boiled eggs for snacks, there’s always a carton or two in our fridge because they are SO fertile! A little effort can go a long way with eggs ie. Boiled, poached, fried, sandwich filling, breakfast sandwich, cracker topping. (Try topping peanut butter toast with egg whites… its DELISH, and you get that important protein!)

The remaining staples also require little to no effort, you can grab them from the fridge and throw them in your lunch bag and have a pretty well-balanced day of eating without the need to run to the vending machine or go all day without eating.

  • Eggs, Greek Yogurt, Chickpeas, Tuna, Cheese, Trail Mix providing some protein options.
  • Crackers, Bread, Oatmeal and granola bars providing grain options.
  • Apple Sauce, Apples, Bananas, carrots/parsnip sticks providing you fruit and vegetable options.

Remember, lunch doesn’t need to be a 3 course meal, it can be a combination of a couple different things!

Leave a comment with some of your fridge and cupboard staples?

Nutritiously yours,